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Not Enough Equity to Sell Your Home? 5 Tips to Point You in the Right Direction…

Many are still affected by the financial hit we all experienced after the housing bubble burst back in 2006. While we can't go back and erase the past, we can learn from it and make better financial decisions. Many have been able to sell their homes … [Read More...]

5 Home Maintenance Tips for August

Hello Twin City homeowners!Here we are in the middle of August already. School shopping is underway and summer is starting to wind down. So, take a little time to take a household inventory of the outside maintenance items you may have been … [Read More...]

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Apple Valley Housing Statistics, August 1, 2014

      Is Apple Valley housing improving this year?  Absolutely!  Latest statistics from Minneapolis Realtor Association show that there has been a 5.9% increase in the median sale price for single family homes.  Also, … [Read More...]


Preparing to Sell Your Home the Day You Move In…

Twin City homeowners have become transient with several Fortune 500 companies in its midst.    Yet, there are still some homeowners that have lived in MN and in one home all of their lives.  Either way, selling your home can seem like an overwhelming … [Read More...]

How to Avoid Looking at 100 Houses Before Making an Offer

Home buyers can avoid spending needless hours looking at properties by following these simple steps.1.  After meeting with your mortgage lender to get your pre-approval, be sure to discuss your price range with your real estate agent. Set up your … [Read More...]